How to Get Rid of Dead Skin on your Hands

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It is observed that dead skin is primarily caused by cold or dry weather, environmental irritants, and certain medical conditions such as diabetes, lupus,  psoriasis, and eczema.  Hand pores and dead skin pores can also occur due to repeated stress and rubbing, resulting in corn and octopus. It is most common in the palm of our hands and reoccurs in our feet from sports such as running and using weight machines. This form of dead skin is thought to be a thick area of ​​skin that looks dead and waxy. 

How to remove dead skin cells from hands?

 You can treat dead skin cells at home and prevent them from reoccurring in your hands. It is commonly found that dead skin cells and hardened skin are caused by the removal of corn and callus which takes time to fully recover.  

Ways to treat the dead skin:

To get rid of dead skin cells from hands, you need to follow these steps: 

  • First, soak dead pores and skin areas in hot water for 10 minutes to get them to melt and easily remove the dead skin with your hands.  Gently move a pumice stone or a large nail plate over the affected area of ​​your hand. Start with a sideways movement and adjust towards a small circle to remove dead skin cells. 
  • Moisturize the dead skin with lotion to make it soothing. When putting off hard and dead pores and skin, use any sharp objects such as razors, nail clippers, and scissors. But keep in mind that although this equipment makes your skin very clean but it can leave an open wound that`s susceptible to infection. If soaking and the use of a pumice stone isn`t enough to remove the dead skin on your hands, you must visit the doctor to inquire about the causes and possible treatment to get rid of dead skin from your hands. They can bodily eliminate the difficult pores and skin or prescribe something.  

Home Remedies for dead skin of hands 

 You must take the following range of treatments to remove dead skin from your hands; 

  • Use Moisturizers: You must use a moisturizing cream on your hands after every wash that will help to restore the skin’s moisturization. 
  • Wear Gloves: Remember to wear gloves if you frequently soak your hands in water, especially when washing dishes. Gloves prevent water from removing herbal oils from the skin.
  • Reduce Pressure: It may sound crazy, but there may be a small relationship between pressure and eczema. So, if you observe your hands cluttered with dry pores or eczema from your skin, try to take care of yourself to relieve pressure.  
  • Consider Medication: If you have severe eczema, medication may be important to put your skin at the chance of healing. Your health practitioner would possibly prescribe steroids that you can apply on your pores and skin or maybe an antibiotic that you could take by mouth.
  • Ask your health practitioner about UV mild therapy: In a few instances of excessive psoriasis, ultraviolet (UV) remedies also can assist the pores and skin in healing itself. However, you must consult your health practitioner earlier than attempting any sort of UV remedy. 
  • Treat them overnight: One of the best ways to treat dead skin on your hands is to apply a petroleum-based moisturizer such as Vaseline or lotion at night. Then cover your hands with soft gloves.  
  • Apply hydrocortisone cream: In some cases, dry pores and skin may deteriorate, resulting in a condition called dermatitis, which can infect the pores and skin and turn red. In such cases, lotions containing hydrocortisone may be most useful that helps to soothe the inflamed skin. 
  • Use a wet dressing:  Skin that has cracked from dryness will require treatment till it can completely heal. Your health practitioner may also suggest a moist dressing as your pores and skin heals. 
  • Apply a heavy-duty moisturizer: For deep moisturizing, select a moisturizer that was originally designed to heal heavy cracks on animals’ bodies. 

Medical Treatment

In most cases, the hard pores and skin will disappear by following the recommendations explained above.  However, if the condition gets worse and home remedies are not working then you must see a doctor instead of trying it yourself to discuss the causes and required treatment to get rid of stubborn dead skin on your hands. In the underlying situations, you must require immediate medical attention;

  • bleeding
  • discoloration
  • swelling
  • drainage from open wounds
  • extreme redness

Preventions for dead skin on hands

The need and extent of prevention mainly depend on the individual’s condition. Following precautions can be opted to get rid of the dead skin of hands;

  • Apply moisturizer immediately after soaking hand in water in any condition. You can use the following ingredients as a moisturizer;
  • Almond Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Aloe Vera Gels
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Egg Yolks
  • Honey
  • Oatmeal
  • Wear gloves when you get exposed to water. 
  • Reduce stress and follow the doctor’s recommendations. 
  • Avoid getting exposed to the sun.
  • Avoid using a hot air dryer. 


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