Applying Coffee on Hair

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Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. Seeds are separated from the coffee fruits and then roasted to transform into consumable products. Coffee is usually found in dark color, bitter taste and battery acidic in which its caffeine ingredients create stimulating effects on human body.The moderate consumption of coffee can have restorative effect in healthy adults but its overuse can have adverse effect on human body with respect to addiction, mental ability, regular sleep and many others. Before 1970, traditional shaded method is used to cultivate the coffee in the shades of the tree. While, after that farmer shifted to contemporary full-sun production cultivation with little or no forest canopy.VietnamIndonesia, and Colombia are the largest coffee producer countries in which 175,647,000 60 kg bags were the record coffee production in year 2020 (Brazil with 39% was the market leader).  

Benefits of Coffee for Human Body:

  • Coffee enhances the physical performance
  • Coffee burns fats in human body
  • Coffee help in weight loss
  • Coffee lessens the risk of cancer
  • Coffee keeps body active and alert
  • Coffee protects mental health
  • Coffee makes hair healthier and strong
From all above-mentioned benefits, hair protection is the one of the most important purported benefits of applying coffee on hairs. The micronutrients and vitamins present in coffee in the form of potassium, magnesium, riboflavin and niacin re-evaluating the hair’s pH levels and protect scalp from hair loss.Caffeine in coffee makes hair roots stronger and improves the hair’s texture and appearance. It exceeds the phase during which your hair grows and stimulates their cell production, all of which may lead to improved hair growth. It also helps to block the hormonal effects that damages hair follicles and leads to hair loss.Caffeine contains antioxidant properties that helps human body to protect hair’s cells from damage. Although coffee is beneficial for the overall health of the hair but it’s over usage can have adverse effect as well. First of all, we will discuss the benefits of applying coffee on hairs:
  • Improves Hair Growth: Coffee stimulates the hair’s follicle to promote faster hair growth.
  • Enhances the hair texture and appearance: Coffee contains flavonoids to remove hair dryness and make your hair stronger, soft and shiny.
  • Reduce Hair Loss: When you apply coffee on hairs, it activates the cells to release ATP moleculesto energize the hairs and reduce the hair fall that will ultimately enhances the health of scalp and hair as well.
  • Increases the blood circulation to the Sculp: Coffee applying on hair will increase the blood circulation to transfer the nutrients to the hair’s roots and it will ultimately make hair grow and thick.
  • Heps in detoxification of Sculp: Using coffee on hairs will detoxify the scalp that will ultimately help to deal with the concerns of dandruff and flakiness. It will also balance the pH level.
  • Promotes hair’s shine: The antioxidant properties and nutrients of caffeine reduces the dullness of hairs and increase its shine by strengthening the hair follicles. It enhances the hair’s moisturization that will ultimately enhance the glow and appearance of hair.
  • Darkens your hair: Coffee rinse is the best option to dye your grey hairs or darken the natural hair color.
  • Increase the hair’s length: Caffeine blocks the effects of DHT in male hair follicles that stimulate the hair growth by strengthening the hair roots and expanding the hair shafts.

How to apply Coffee on Hair?

To get strong but soft, smooth and shiny hairs, you need a very brief and simple process to follow given as below;
  • Step 1: Shampoo your hair. 
  • Step 2: Add 4 tablespoons of brewed coffee in 4 cups of boiled water and mix it well. You can also add egg yolk for extra hair conditioning.  
  • Step 3: Apply coffee on your scalp and use your finger to thoroughly massage it in.
  • Step 4: Wrap the towel on your scalp and leave it on for about 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Step 5:Once, you have done with it, you should Rinse your hair with lukewarm water. 

Side Effects of Applying Coffee on Hair:

Hair, the main body part of the human being that helps ones to look beautiful and handsome. People suffering from different hair problems   i.e., hair loss, dry, damaged and unmanageable hair and some others. In order to deal with such problems people often go for the natural remedies e.g., using coffee.It is used in the form of coffee oil, coffee leave – in conditioner, coffee hair mask, coffee hair dye and such that. No doubt, it proves to be a good remedy but, its side effects also cannot be ignored, as no one would like to be bald headed.
  • Excessive use of coffee on hair: As we know that excess of everything is bad. Same is the case in applying the coffee on your hair. Coffee can harm your hair if used in abundance. Hence, it should be used in controlled amounts for maximum benefits. Otherwise, hair falling will be increased instead of strengthening the hair.
  • Using coffee remedies on light- colored hair: People with light colored hair can suffer the problem of dark hair. As coffee directly effects the hair color. Meanwhile natural beauty is the best.
  • Applying Coffee on Dyed hair: Dyed hair must exercise caution while using coffee as it can harm your hair by gifting you stained or tint hair.
  • Hot coffee burned scalp: While using remedies people are so much excited for the result that they use hot remedies of coffee on their hair in result of which they get a burned scalp. So, coffee can damage your hair.
  • Chemical effects: Using coffee hair mask, Coffee hair dye, Coffee oil and other chemically natured coffee remedies that are available in market make your hair inhabitants and your hair need them in every hair wash. One cannot easily get rid of these chemically based ingredients.


Coffee is a safe ingredient, but anything consumed in a higher amount can have some side effects:
  • Constant and frequent use of flavored or instant coffee to wash the hair can damage your hair. Even if they produce faster results, the number of preservatives and processing associated with these coffee types can hamper the integrity of the hair by making them brittle.
  • Never use hot coffee on your head as it can cause burns on your hair and scalp. So, do not apply hot coffee until it gets completely cool down.
  • Avoid applying coffee rinse on light-colored hair as it can naturally dye your hair without you wanting it.
  • The amount of coffee used should be channelized despite all its amazing benefits, as an overdose of it can even counter the natural productivity of hair.
  • Excessive use of coffee on the hair can cause itchiness or even masking, which can lead to hair loss.


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